About Us

ScareCrow Lath & Plaster, Inc. prides itself as the industry leader for stucco and stone in Northern Nevada. We have the ability to tackle the largest projects, and yet maintain the precision and care to handle the smallest repairs. There is no doubt that quality, performance, and safety are more important now than ever before. Our reputations depend on it!

Scarecrow has an "Unlimited" license in both stucco application and masonry. We have the craftsmen to install all of your stucco and masonry. By using ScareCrow for both your stucco and masonry needs we can increase your efficiency AND reduce your costs.

We offer the choice of natural stone, or stone veneers to enhance the beauty of any building. We also offer structural C.M.U. such as land development site walls and dumpster enclosures.

In addition to an expanded product line, and unlimited licenses, we are proud of our commitment to safety by having a 100% "Competent Person" certified staff on scaffold safety. ScareCrow also recently received a "Safe Partner Award" from the State of Nevada S.C.A.T.S.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team is ready to be part of your team on your next building project. Please call us on your next project - large OR small!

Best Regards,

Steven C. Crow, President